Reading Pritchard's 'Life and Work of a Priest'

This is lovely:

Gracious God
you have given us the privilege of an open door to your presence.
When life is shining and full, inhabit our joy.
When life is grinding slowly on, touch us with your life.
When we long for a clearer vision of you, open our gauze-covered eyes.
When we studiously avoid your gaze, tempt us with your forgiving smile.
Lead us inexorably to the fulfilment of our lives in the service of your Son,
so that, dipped in God and cherished by your Spirit,
we may come to you, three times blessed,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And this

One of our fundamental theological convictions is that men and women are made in the image of God, are endlessly loved by him, and will find their fulfillment supremely in him. no matter what they think of Jesus, Jesus thinks they are worth his life, and the priest is an agent of that inexhaustible love. (p.44)

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