Just had a chance to witness to the 'witnesses'

Interesting this morning. I invited a Jehovah witness in at 10.30 for a conversation about the trinity and John 3:16. It would seem for them Jesus is very much a created being. Interesting nevertheless and she admitted all the problems of their false prophesies about the end of the world. If anyone has any resources for me to witness better, I'd appreciate it.


karen freeman said...

I've seen some good sites on the web for tips on witnessing to JW's. Here's one, for example:

Rachel said...

Thank you Karen, I'll check it out. What was interesting about the conversation is that I think we tend to polarise the Jehovah's witnesses. They aren't all the same. This young mum was very open. She admitted she had no understanding of our 'holy, catholic, apostolic faith'. She had never been taught anything about it. She was open to my explanations of the trinity and said that she would do some research on this one. I explained our prayers for the JWs often involve a hope that they would understand salvation by faith rather than works, to which she said faith without works is dead, which i expected and we talked about sanctification. As different as the JWs are to Anglicans, it is quite strange to reflect that I probably had much more in common with this young mum, full of passion for God's word, than I have with most of my very secular and worldly friends.


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