Jade Goody becomes a Christian today

As I said the Daily Office this morning, I thought about how it was quite weird that all my prayers for the things that I usually pray for were overtaken by thoughts of Jade Goody. I don't really watch much TV so I have only really caught her story through a few radio 4 insights and faith blogs. Anyway I just found out that she has become a Christian today from twitter and Damien's holy smoke link, so there must actually have been a lot of people praying for Jade today. She is attaining more dignity as she leaves this world. She's very brave.


Tim Goodbody said...

Hi Rachel,
I have many moments like that in prayer; I once ended up praying for Donald Duck, my train of thought was so badly derailed. Then I was given a booklet called "the positive role of distraction in prayer", and felt most liberated.
I admire your optimism when it comes to Jade; I fear we shall never know what really went on in her heart today, but I guess (cynicism waning now) Christ does know and will act accordingly. For someone whose life has been very publicly lived recently perhaps it is fitting that this remain private.

Rachel said...

That is so funny - you make me laugh out loud - I also shared this one with my daughters who thought it was great! Donald Duck, eh - can't top that one!



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