What's going wrong with my blog?

My blog is getting generated under links on other people's blog posts - I can't work it out. It's getting embarrassing. My most recent post below is a link on a Suzanna's bookshelf post and so many of my posts are links on Adrian Pluralist's latest thoughts. Links to posts are automatically generated I think but why is this happening? I just don't get it. I certainly haven't created these links. I apologise but continue to be completely clueless about how to fix these strange occurances.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael,

I think you may be talking about "trackbacks" or "pingbacks", but I'm not sure. There may be a setting in your admin area to disable those. But the advantage of having them is that your blog gets more exposure.

Also, I'm honored that you though my post on the idea of being "called" to ministry was helpful. :-)

-- Paula

Tim Goodbody said...

er, my blog is getting generated in links from you and from John R, and I haven't changed any settings. Don't think it's your fault though. If i stop following you for a bit and see if that fixes it, don't be offended, I'll soon be back
happy new year



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