Unsure, confused, feel guilty, having a bad day...

Hairbrush tantrums with small children
10 Early church fathers in a row
A chicken that needs roasting
And toilets that need cleaning
And too many places I have to go

Exams to be swatted for
Homework to be done
Small children tied to text books
And us all missing out on fun

Too many fees needing paying
Procrastination wins again
Evening meetings and ships passing
In the corridors til ten
I'm out Wednesday, Thursday
but Monday, Friday, I'm at home
So you're out when I'm in
And when you're out, I'm home alone

Books full of hard concepts and days that are too short
Their needs, my needs and those that we have stored
The life I seek, the life I live, the life I have sought!
What's your will Lord?

To be alive means dealing with tohu w' bohu. Absolutely!


Sophie said...

wow rach! sounds like your one busy woman on a mission!

hope your okay and good luck with your exams if you havent taken them already :) xxx

Rachel said...

Thanks Soph - Hermione's got a poetry book with this line -'But moods are just something that come and go each day, Whatever I'm feeling, inside it's okay'.

Feeling better today - God opening doors - met a woman today, curate, small children, husband in secular employment. At last a real one! They exist! It's possible! You can juggle it all! She spoke to me about the process so I'm smiling a little more today...and the exam...it will be okay...and the kids...no tantrums now and that chicken...well, Hen roasted it tonight (bless him) and the toilets ...well, they can wait...so really haven't got a lot to complain about.

Love you sis


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