True Woman makeover gets depressing

So today, I learn about (I quote)

It’s a scary thing to think what damage we women do with our tongues, and that’s why I have to go back to this verse over and over and over again and say, “Lord, make me the kind of woman who opens my mouth with wisdom and on my tongue is the law or the teaching of kindness.”

Another quote

When I get together with a group of women, conversation naturally moves to topics like: “Who cut your hair?” “Where do you find clothes for your kids?” and, “What pediatrician do you use?” Well, along with making recommendation in hair stylists, doctors, and stores, why not tell your friends where to find practical, biblical teaching that will change their lives?

I just can't relate to this stuff...

Again some good stuff but haven't we all got to work on the words that we use, whatever our gender and as for discussing hair-styles and kids' clothes...too generalistic. It would be like saying that men all talk about football and cars, wouldn't it? We're all more complex and varied than this, surely?

Maybe I'm just not listening to the right kind of music?!! AHHHH!

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