Mum, I didn't know they had TV back then...

This morning at church, we showed the three 'kings' visiting Jesus from the Nativity Story DVD 'God Made into Flesh'. It's a great clip and really captures the awe and wonder but my 6 year old was totally convinced that it was live footage and I didn't have the heart to correct her thinking, which I probably should have done. It was a joy to watch her face so spellbound by what she saw.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS IN THE BLOGOSPHERE: Jody, John, Cheryl, Pastor singing Owl, David, Jane, Alistair, Lynne, Dave, Tim etc It's been a fun and informing 6 months since this blog's birth in July. Happy New Year too.

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Lynne said...

And, from the land where it's already Boxing Day, every best wish for Christmas blessings to you too.


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