Wow, what passion!

I'm looking into something which sounds fantastic. First of all I'll introduce you to this person's motivation for doing what they are doing. I quote:

To just sum it up, I want people to get it, the whole of it, the beauty of it, and the awesome perfection of it.

What is it?

1) The awesome, loving goodness of God.

2) The wonderful teachings and works of His son Jesus.

3) The power and freedom of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

4) The comprehensiveness, fitness and potential of the Biblically Informed Perspective.

That is my personal motivation.

People can accept or reject once they understand. But I often feel that Biblical Understanding requires too much digging, too much time invested, for the regular (non-studious and busy) person to gain a basic comprehension before they decide.

And so, because of the digging factor, people reject both the King and the Kingdom without knowing what they reject.

If I don’t try to solve that problem, I might as well be dead.

His aim is to create a dBible, a Biblical tool that presents the original text, its translation, related verses, and their past in lucid, dynami-fun, wiki-interactivity.

He gives examples of how it would work at http://vote4bibledatabase.com/

It's an ambitious project but I will follow his progress and I hope you will too.


dave Roland the bibleDBguy said...


Thanks so much for your encouragement. I haven't had a lot of comments so far, so your words literally had me dumbstruck.

To me, you are an angel.

Thanks for shining your light,

dave Roland the bibleDBguy

Rachel said...

Thank you
I was very captured by your very obvious passion for this project. I recognised in you a kind of drive that I feel. The words which you use to express yourself are full of energy and enthusiasm, you are probably one of those people to whom everyone else says things like 'relax, you're taking it all too seriously, don't be so tunnel-vision etc' - I've heard these sorts of things a lot but the fires do not abate and you feel a very strong calling to just do what you have to do, no matter what the world says in its all very-well intentioned way. I think this is what captured me and also of course I simply think that the resource that you are hoping to create would be wonderful and would indeed open up the ways of our Lord to many, many people.
God bless


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