Tempted by indulgences...

I so very much want to sit here all day, cozy at home, only the hum of the tumble dryer for company, to sit and write and think and create but instead I must:
Plan Nick's Chicks ... on Moses ...yes and the burning bush to tie in tentatively with bonfire night - before 1pm - yiex it's nearly 12!
Sort out towels and goggles and costumes so I can take the girls to swimming lessons after I've finished Chicks and picked them up from school
Remember hair brushes, shampoo, warm clothes to go to school bonfire after this- must make sure they go with dry hair
...so the real busyness of the day kicks off in a hour and will be over at 8.30pm tonight - what I'm doing now is simply an indulgence (writing, thinking, blogging, reflecting on the Anglican communion)...

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