Things I couldn't live without...well, I could... excuse the hyperbole...or admissions of more indulgences...

In no particular order (material only) spiritual and familial things 'goes without saying'

Double-sided sticky tape (the only way to get the on button to stay 'on', on our tumble dryer)
Snorpus Geronicus (a cushion I take every where to be placed over the ear when 'a certain person' snores!)
A memory stick
Worship music
£1 for the locker...the trolley...an emergency etc
My mobile
Sat-nav or I'd be even more lost than I already am...
Those stick things with a flushable cleaning pad for cleaning the loo
Baby wipes
Security - in the future knowledge, of a soon to be made ready, cup-of-tea
The promise of a January electric blanket adornment to my mattress

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