Live prayer

A live prayer, quickly to share...

Thank you Lord for my life
It will be thirty-four years old in the morning
Thank you for such a huge blessing 4 years ago
My second baby daughter was born on my 30th

Thank you for your plan for our lives
And that we can all dwell in your presence
That this is the gift that we desire the most

Thank you Lord for Franny's pile of parcels
They will fill her with excitement when she wakes

Protect her at school, Lord, as she enjoys the special attention she will receive on her 4th birthday
As she shares out the sweets with her friends
Thank you Lord for the freedom that we have to celebrate and for the food with which we can mark these occasions.
Thank you Lord for life's beauty, for children's laughter, musical bumps and pass the parcel
And that their joy is so infectious that it becomes our joy too.
Thank you Lord


jody said...

awww, happy birthday!

it's mine next tuesday (i'll be 33...)

Rachel said...

Thanks Jody - and Happy Birthday to you next Tuesday. X


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