It's enough to make you blush - look what David Heron, vicar up north, is up to now - he's positively outrageous!

See Anglican Reform.

I do not endorse the views or images on this site, however I am not going to pretend that it didn't make me smile. I accept that admitting this might lead you to reflect that I am still very much a work in progress. Should I feel guilty about smiling at this site? Maybe. I guess it just reveals a need in me sometimes to let off a bit of steam but perhaps now I'm simply trying to justify myself and that just will not do. Would anyone else admit to smiling at this site or is it only me who is brave enough?


Tim Goodbody said...

I thought it was very funny but won't he get into trouble for nicking the real logo?

Rachel said...

Yeah - good point but it's probably not in Reform's best interest to take it up with David Heron.

God bless

Father David Heron said...

I thought it was funny and I wrote it


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