Archbishop Turnbull? Ahhh! I'd set up my own fourth province!!

Toby Cohen reviews NEAC this week and looks at the accusations of bullying. He comments on open evangelicals' dismay to find themselves being backed into a corner over the JD. He quotes Jody at Rad evo and Ian Paul at St John's but misses out Jody's more positive reflections on the conference. Well, this wouldn't make the news, would it?

Richard Turnbull claims that he has an independent mind because he doesn't belong to any pressure groups and that is why he was voted chair of CEEC. I wonder whether this very decision to not sign up is a political one. I think it's very obvious where he lies. Surely the fact that he chaired the Reform conference in Derbyshire 06 reveals his affiliations. We might need a stronger voice in authority than that offered by AB of C, who I do feel models a kind of servant-heartedness, that I rather admire, but to imply (as Nazir-Ali does) that the kind of leadership we're craving, is to found in the likes of someone like Richard Turnbull, is surely taking things a step too far.
Turnbull speaking at Derbyshire Reform Conference 06

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