I'm a maverick

Thanks to Jody who thanks Dennis I've stumbled upon a site that offers spiritual guidance, where I took a quiz to discover I was a maverick - this came as a surprise at first but then I realised it was quite a fitting explanation:

You are a Maverick

They do not need to understand their faith in order to act on it. They are not afraid to stand out and apart from others in their relationship with God. They are ready to follow what they believe to be God’s direction even when they do not know what consequences may ensue. They seek to relate to the Holy One through their bold and ready action. They tend to be more impulsive in their prayer and action. If they were to meet God face to face, they would be eager to do whatever was asked of them without requiring a carefully laid-out plan.

A person in Scripture that manifested maverick qualities is Peter. So often, Peter responded to Jesus with an independence and impulsiveness that seemed foolhardy. He had little concern about the opinion of the other disciples, of the religious establishment, or his own lack of knowledge and understanding. He was able to act independently of others even when he was being led in a direction that had no certain outcome.

If you are a maverick, you will easily respond to what you believe to be God’s voice or direction in your life. You may find material that deals with contemporary culture, society and politics of particular interest. Explorefaith.org’s film and book reviews offer insightful perspectives on God’s presence in our world today.

Mavericks will find it harder to engage their spirit in practices that are more linear and reliant on careful thought. Explore Your Journey and articles about discernment, an eight-part series on the Lord’s prayer, articles exploring life issues and material that delves into the history of the church and religion may increase this less-frequently used part of your spiritual life. Meditation practices will help still the spirit and offer a time out for reflection.

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