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M@ said...

I don't know what kind of Christian you are, so forgive me for posting this link in the possibility that you're one of the few religious friends I have who accept not challenge or defence but healthy debate on the origin and history of Christianity. I do not seek to threaten your faith nor to attempt to sway you from your course, I have my own and enjoy learning more about others and their chosen views. Being a theology student I would imagine you do too?


There is a transcript available of the movie along with debate points and biblical references via the same site. Oh, and the movie is 2hrs long so you might want to line up the biscuits and coffee (and maybe a notepad as I did) before you start!

Rachel said...

I watched it - very interesting. A utopian vision indeed. I think we are only part way through the civilisation process and it will be a long time before any of the goals it explores will be fully realised. It certainly made me feel glad that I haven't chosen Money as my God, although I am aware that at the same time, financial freedoms have given me choices - such as being able to take up this opportunity to study and not have an income-earning self-definition at the centre of my life, marking out my purpose. If the film's perceived future was already a reality - we would all be free to elevate our thinking because we would not be in the rat race and I am probably a product more of that race than I realise.

As regards the aims of the movement advocated in the film, I feel as though Christianity as an 'ideology' has those aims at its heart. Christianity is about accepting our weakness, that we need each other, that we should love others as much as we love ourselves and frankly if this ideology was truly subscribed to and by everyone the world-over, we would be not dis-similar to that world of the venus project realised. Christianity celebrates the acts of a creator God and insists that humans are stewards of creation - we are to care for the planet and not exploit it and this is a Biblical mandate. There is a Biblical mandate to care for the needs of others. Altruism is an expected fruit of Christianity - do you know that the 'Church' voluntary team is worth a huge amount of money - that the country, if paying minimum wage to all voluntary workers would not be able to afford the bill and that where Christian faith empowers people to social action that this can only be seen as a step towards many of the venus project goals. Thank you for pointing my attention to this movement.

My Christianity is indeed robust enough to be challenged - this is not something you should worry about.I am a thinker and like to connect with other people's ideologies. I think where ideologies share similarities that can only be a good thing. My God is a God who loves all his children, even those who do not love him and he exists to declare that we love each other despite our differences because he is love incarnate.

M@ said...


Glad you enjoyed the film, I completely agree with the points you raised. Elevated thinking would certainly do us all (and some of our esteemed leaders) a power of good.


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