God in a do-nut!

I love the way God works in the tiniest little things. I went to the supermarket this afternoon for a few bits and pieces - the girls love sausage rolls for a picnic tea. I bought them a pink-speckled donut to share for pudding but I dropped it. I quickly picked it up and did so before the three seconds was up (you know before contamination sets in, allegedly) and I put it on the top shelf, not back with the other donuts but in its own tray. Just for a second, thoughts of old, flashed through my head - leave the donut - never mind - it's no big deal. But no, God speaks even about donuts and i decided to search out an attendant, and at just that moment one came by and so I stopped her - 'em excuse me, sorry, I dropped that donut, sorry about that, I wanted to tell you just so that no one buys it and eats it.'
'Thank you', she said, 'thank you for telling me that' and with a huge, genuine smile.

God gives back, heaps upon us such blessings; the blessings of a huge and genuine smile and a moment of connection with someone, all because of a shiny pink, bespeckled donut!

Thank you lord for walking with me everywhere I go and helping me to make the right decisions.

...Of course a dietitian might have said the donut choice was a bad decision in the first place!

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