'suffering from an overdose of Grudem'

Rosie reflects on Wayne Grudem's latest book, expressing similar concerns to mine. Earlier on in the blog I looked at Oakhill and how all of their links chase each others' tales in a huge circle making for a particular mind-set, if other sources of information were never sought out by students. Grudem'esque' theology is similarly self-referencing. In some evangelical circles his systematic theology is highly rated.

Of Grudem, Rosie Ward says:

{Readers who read little else] will not know that the views he attacks have been modified, that this book & his previous books, depend on a (recent) heretical view of subordination in the Trinity, or that Grudem is a lone voice, citing only his own works and those of a few others who agree with him. So many Christians will continue to believe that egalitarians are 'secular feminists in sheep's clothing who in reality deny the authority of Scripture.'

Nothing could be further from the truth - but reading about the book made me wonder if recent attempts to create an 'us and them' mentality within evangelicalism in the Church of England are suffering from an overdose of Grudem.

In my earlier post I discussed how:


Sheep, I do not doubt, but perhaps the metaphor has its secular nuances too, on this occasion

Oak Hill Theological College

Oak Hill Links (on their website) are to trusts who offer teaching to those who work to support

'... women in paid Word ministry whose ministries reflect the Biblical principle of male headship in family and church, ' and open only to those 'whose ministries reflect the Biblical principle of male headship in family and church.' (Proclamation Trust);


'By describing the times from a biblical perspective, they help the pastor to stand in the pulpit with the confidence that he is truly one of God’s men "for such a time as this." (Kairosjournal)


to Anglican Church League under Jensen - (say no more) who themselves link back to The Proclamation Trust and to Reform and Anglican Mainstream and GAFCON and Virtueonline and the Latimer Trust who believe that 'Furthermore, within the
church there is a divinely appointed order in which headship roles are given to the male...'

then surely there must be women and men at Oak Hill who struggle in this environment. Are they already aligned in their thinking with Oak Hill before they study there? If so, I guess they will be okay. But it makes me wonder! What about those who ascribe more closely to egalitarian positions - how do they fare?


Anonymous said...

For more Grudem thoughts that will have you gasping for air see http://www.beliefnet.com/story/202/story_20219_2.html

jody said...

the truth is that anyone who doesn't think like them either does not get included or doesn't fare very well at all.

i know someone whose wife trained at oakhill, came top in the year in her doctrine class, and that became the only year they didn't publish the results on the notice board........


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