This came to me at 4 o'clock this morning

Pick up your load, wipe the dust from your feet,
See the eagle in flight over fields of wheat.
Set out on the path up this Calvary hill,
Your burdens are heavy but you seek your Lord's will.

Breathe in the spirit that strengthens your stride
And climb with your might, you have nothing to hide.
You don't journey alone but with millions through time
Who have once, and are yet, up this mountain to climb.

Look left to the stillness, look right to the trees,
There's a stiffness that stifles the groans of your knees.
But soon you'll let go and set this weight down to rest
At the foot of His cross which His blood has so blessed.

You're nearing the place now and a darkness descends:
A yearning and tearing in the atmosphere lends
to the stillness a tangible weight pressing down
But His face is alight with a tree twisting crown.

There is sorrow and anguish but victory plain;
The spirit is soaring though the body is slain.
Smell the mercury blood, see the sweat run like tears,
Taste the salty black air, His last breath fills your ears.

Now set your load down for He knows you by name
And promises life will be never the same!
He'll inhabit the footprints you leave in the dust;
He's your Saviour forever, your brother to trust.

Now breathe in His Spirit, let it fill up your chest
And breathe out rejoicing; in his arms you find rest.
The eagle still flies over fields of gold
And dust remains in your toes from those journeys of old,

But you are brand new now, you're whole and made clean,
For He whispered your name, from the cross, where he leaned:
"Sorry, my lord",
"You're forgiven, my daughter,
On wings we will rise, though like lambs we are slaughtered,

I'll suffer your sufferings and weep when you cry
But ours is the victory and truth can not die;
I'm mending the broken and lifting you up,
I've secured your salvation by drinking this cup.

Lift your hands up in praises, carve a stillness in time,
Journey daily, I'm with you, on the mountain you climb.
It is me that you see carving sky-clouds in flight,
I am there in your darkness and lending it light.

They lifted me up, they didn't beat me down!
Pluck a rose from the thorns that they placed in my crown;
Savour its sweetness for there I reside,
For the fragrance forever lingers, though the flower has died.

Shout my name from the clifftops, for its echoed return
Will fill up the world for whose people I yearn.
Now rest my dear daughter, my mission's complete
I've delivered you here at my cross and my feet,

Curl up in the knowledge that a future awaits
Where once paths were crooked, they soon will be straight.
Where once with your spirit mine too was entwined,
We'll meet in a fullness, not perceived with the mind.

There's a pure new creation I'm carving for you
Of wonders unspoken, needing languages new.
Breathe me into each fibre of what you are now,
You're not yet what you could be, but I'll show you how.

I am your teacher, your master, your Abba father and friend,
I am the fire in your soul that will purge it and cleanse,
I am the Alpha Omega, the all and complete,
I am the binding anointing your earth-stained feet.

I'm your future, your present, your past, your forever.
Put your hand deep in mine for we journey together!"

(I love you, Lord) by Rachel


Singing Owl said...

Wow! Praise God, and thank you for sharing this beautiful poem! I needed it today. Really needed it. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey Rach
thanks so much for your beautiful poem! i read it this morning and printed it out straight away. i had breakfast with my flatmate jess on the terrace, and we read it together and prayed. it was such a wonderful beginning to the day, such a wonderful way to remember Christ's love and sacrifice, and to remind us to trust, to ask, to lay our burdens down and invoke the Spirit He promised. your use of words is a real gift!

lots of love and prayers always

Rachel said...

Thank you singing owl - I;m enjoying your blog and I will link to it on my site so that we can enjoy it over here.
God bless your work

Rachel said...

See http://www.qaya.org/blog/?p=770#commentsu

Writing poetry helps you to connect.


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