Hi - back after a week break in Salcombe, Devon

Lovely time had by all - if ever you want a reunion with friends without the hassle of organising one, go to Salcombe. This week we met up with friends from church and spent a lovely day on the water together, friends from our daughters' school with whom we ate and chatted while children played and then a friend of mine who I hadn't seen for ten years with whom I'd gone to both secondary school and by coincidence the same university as well. We hadn't arranged any of these meetings before hand. It was all just chance meetings - amasing!

We'll go again next year - we've already booked for two weeks - I wonder who we'll bump into over the course of 14 days rather than 6!

Turning mind now away from church politics and to Holiday club - need to plan for under 5s based on John Hardwick's Starship Holiday club - so if anyone out there has any ideas for how best to adapt the material - drop me a post.


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