Woops - a nice bit of Orwellian doublethink!

In The Church Times, Paul Vallely looks at how GAFCON’s thinking is out of date. He clearly trips up Rev'd Melvin Tinker, who when explaining his traditionalist standing on homosexuality, perhaps rather foolishly said: "People decide whether something is good or bad, he concluded, on the basis “Would you want everyone to do it?”

Rev'd Melvin Tinker clearly didn't do much to help the Conservative Evangelical cause by appealing to what most people at any one time would do. Conservative Evangelical polemic is usually proud to boast that it is very counter-culture; it pays no attention to what most of the people are doing most of the time. Paul Vallely discusses how Conservative Evangelical-speak is a kind of 'Orwellian doublethink'.

Conservative Evangelicals like the GAFCON traditionalists refuse to embrace 'the gospel ethic of inclusion [because it] is a sign of being in thrall to contemporary culture' and yet are happy to play the culture card when it suits them.

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