Difference is a cause to celebrate!

JONATHAN CLATWORTHY, General Secretary of the Modern Churchpeople’s Union says:

"GAFCON represents those who want ... a Church with no dissent because everybody accepts the Bible literally. This is impossible ...the idea of complete agreement in loyalty to scripture generates an excessive conviction of certainty, which tends towards bigotry. .. many narrow-minded sectarians who reject our inclusiveness have entered the Anglican ministry because they find us “a good pond to fish in”.

But Rev'd Clatworthy doesn't lament the situation but sees it as an opportunity: "Christianity could once again become interesting, and even exciting," calling on us to see

"our diversity, with all its differences of opinion, not as a problem to be solved but as a strength to be celebrated, a sign that we stand in a lively, developing tradition, unafraid to ask new questions and suggest new answers.

This would mean that disagreements no longer provoke accusations of unsoundness, resignation demands, and threats of schism. Instead, they could be debated openly and reflectively, in a spirit that is secure enough to let people say what they really think, humble enough to admit that only God knows all the answers, and committed enough to seek consensus in community with each other."

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A little background reading so we might mutually flourish when there are different opinions