One courageous and outspoken nun

I'd like to bring your attention to this bold sister brought to my attention by Ekklesia. For the full report click here:

“Clearly it is time for women—the other half of the human race, the other face of God—to save both their religions and their nations. Women, the life-bearers, must now give to the world the spiritual life the world lacks,” Chittister said.

“It is time for women to take responsibility for making real the religions they believe in. It is time for women to be an organized, international voice for peace, a religious critic of national policies that threaten the life of the world.”

“It is time for women to reach across the borders that men will not breach to take the hands of the other—not to bind them but to bond them. It is time for women’s analyses of world situations and women’s solutions to conflict to be heard.”

“It is time for religious women to refuse to be either victims or executioners not only to make safe the world but to make real the religions we revere so that life before death can come, as God wants, for us all,” she said.

“What does that have to do with you and me and the challenge of the baptized to follow the nonviolent Jesus?” Chittister asked. “The answer is crucial now when we need to develop the kind of religion that makes us love one another; when we need to foil the dictators who use religion as a prop to keep themselves in power; when we clearly need to release women—the boldest and most unmanageable of revolutionaries.”

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