I like this from a Christian Think-tank and aim, and yet I am conscious that I fail, to live up to its ideals

A Few Ethical Vectors for Christians:
  1. The God of Truth is NOT afraid of our questions.
  2. Our God is God of the whole person: will, emotions, body, even our intellect.
  3. God is seriously committed to truth--whatever the cost...as His children, so should we be.
  4. Taking a person's questions seriously is an act of respect and love, even when they don't really take them seriously.
  5. Distortion, misrepresentation, or deception through omission are unethical.
  6. When we don't know the answer, we must say 'I do not know'...
  7. If a sincere question (as a felt need) comes our way, we should attempt to meet that need through answers, resources, or encouragement to patience.
  8. We are not allowed to be contentious or to argue for argument's sake.
  9. We should be changing the shape of eternity, one conversation at a time.
  10. Sometimes the best answer is silence.
  11. Prov. 18:13: "He who answers before listening -- that is his folly and his shame."
  12. "Slander" includes misrepresentation.
  13. Chronic ignorance can become irresponsibility, and chronic irresponsibly can become a moral failure.
  14. It is not a sin to have unanswered questions and agonizing doubts--you can raise more questions in 5 minutes than you can answer in 50 years!
  15. It is generally dishonest to reject a belief which you have N+1 arguments for, on the basis of only N arguments against (all argument weights being equal)...it is also somewhat foolish.
  16. Unanswered questions CAN be a source of emotional pain.
  17. This is NOT A GAME we're in.
Christian Think-tank

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madeline bassett said...

Hi Rachel, I love this list. It seems to me that all of these are broken a lot of the time, but that 5 and 12 are the greatest victims of the blogosphere. Bloggers seem to fall easily into the trap of misrepresenting their opponents' arguments, to shore up their own positions. It's sad.


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