Angela Trilby raised some interesting points, reasons for why neither men nor women should be silenced. Of course, society tells us we have freedom of speech but we're more interested in what God has to say about these things.
Below are some points which are very salient for the preacher of the sermon ' the role of women' (broadcasted over the internet) at 'Role of women'

'how forceful words are, especially the words of the powerful, and especially in a world where everything that is said is heard everywhere by everyone.'

'Christ said that there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing secret that will not come to light; what is heard whispered is proclaimed from the housetops. He was speaking about judgement. The Living God, the creator of consciousness holds us accountable for the words we use. Yet most of the time we live as if the opposite were true. Politicians in particular are rated for knowing what to say to whom, and even more important what to withhold. When they speak publicly it is often to their own constituencies, as though others were not listening and responding.' (I am one such person who responds).

The words of leaders used to be judged by history, now they are judged right now and by those they were not intended for. There is no escape; no such thing as a private audience; what is heard by one is heard by all. (Preachers in our churches who broadcast their sermons have to expect some sort of response).

an incredibly daring initiative, inviting conversation across ... barriers. If ...[the broadcaster] wants to be remembered as a man of peace perhaps our best response to him would be to listen receptively to those who speak ... [in response].

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