Simon Sinek on the Golden circle

We are learning about how to shape a vision, how to transform a people to so believe in the potential that they hold within them and from God that they can become transformed and better transform their communities.

Simon Sinek believes that we have to challenge the Status Quo first and then have people buy into the counter-cultural mission statement generated product as a result of that challenge to the status quo. This is what Apple have done. In the world of the Kingdom of God, people have to want to become transformed so that they can exhibit Kingdom thinking/behaviour. How to get people on board is always about biology rather than psychology says Sinek and he looks at the reptilian brain and the way that it leads us to make decisions in the way that it does.

The golden circle corresponds with a way of thinking about the brain and its dependence on intuitive decision making.

Communicating to reach this part of the brain, that place from where gut-reactions come, that part of the brain that doesn't think in language but is reactionary - the bit Simon is prepared to call the soul, is more effective when vision-setting. We have to speak then to people's souls - the goal is to have people develop a belief in what you believe. People have to feel your levels of conviction, your passion, sense your raison d'etre, sense their own call.

I will let him speak for himself in the TED - there are points from his talk that I am sure that as church we can learn.  

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