Women who SPEAK

I put out a plea for recommendations for Charismatic, female speakers and my phone nearly blows up!

... I am particularly looking for speakers who can talk into 'women leading church.' I know - (duh!) - you're probably saying 'Well, what do you mean by church?' Not gonna answer that for you!

It will be interesting to see how you define it and if you consider yourself as someone leading one. I am seriously open-minded i.e. don't box me in and suppose I am defining stuff - I dig Foucault and Wittgenstein so you get an idea of the kind of trajectories I go on with all that 'neatly pinning it down' stuff that doesn't work!

I know there has been comment on this and the reticence or lack of female leads from the front at Christian conferences. 

God loves women blog is putting a database together. They have 160 names already. I would like to make a start here just to share some names and then put a page at the top of this blog detailing women speakers who are leading churches, together with notes about their message. 

You might be able to help me with that. 

If you can answer the following send me your name: 
  • You are happy about the manifest experience of the Holy Spirit, are comfortable with healings in Jesus' name and transformation through his power. 
  • You are 'signs and wonders' expectant and comfortable with movements who have this expectation. 
  • You have a high view of the authority of scripture.
  • You are leading (in a position of oversight in the church).
Send me your name and the location of where you're ministering and a sentence of description about your areas of expertise/experience. 

Thank you. 

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