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The New Wine Women and Leadership Conference happened from the 14th to the 16th of November.

Four streams resourced Women who are organisational leaders, Women who are married to a church leader, Pioneering women and Women leading churches.

We could cross the streams and so perhaps a teaching day might look like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Danielle Strickland on Freedom
  • Break
  • Shaping a work culture or church culture with Kingdom values (Jill Garrett)
  • Lunch
  • How to grow a church (discussion and prayer) Nikki Groarke challenged our ecclesiology - "What is church?"
  • Tea
  • Danielle Strickland on preaching
  • Dinner
  • Carrie Grant - 'too worldly for the church - too holy for the world - so God had me be a bridge-builder' - that 's what I heard (inspiring!)
  • Chats with others, laughter and deep stuff
  • Probably small hours of the morning - bed!!
The Holy Spirit blessed our praise with worship led by Jules and Susie Woodbridge from Trinity Cheltenham.

Danielle Strickland left us with some really challenging thoughts and images and together with word from Anne Coles, we learnt about rising above ourselves to better hear God, dealing with the inevitable criticism by learning to 'suck it up buttercup,' and how we might grow God's ministry in the world for his transformation of the nation, one community at a time. We looked at Mt 15 and Is 49:12 and the call to reassign the desolate and the transfiguration with Danielle Strickland and how we 'stay awake' when the culture infects lethargy. 

We were able to hear from one another and such ministries as:
  • Damaris and their creative approach to The Bible, hitting our TV screens November 30th channel 5 at 9pm
  • Diana Archer and her Tastelife course
  • Karen Jones and her writing
  • Kate Wharton and her work on singleness
God is doing some really interesting things through the women whom the church is raising up. 
More to follow...

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