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I was explaining today at a prayer meeting, bless 'em for listening, poor folks...how church needs to engage again with the sacred and the spiritual and that how sometimes the low Evangelical churches can, without engaging the sacred or the spiritual, really leave their people hungry and burnt-out. 

There is something about the rise in Cathedral congregation numbers that should have us wake up to realise that if our plain approach to buildings and services is not full of the Spirit, then people will leave enticed by something other-worldly and transcendent and this they can encounter with incense and icons, theatre and spectacle. 

If we do not allow God to be spectacular by welcoming the Holy Spirit at our low end of church, then we will find people taking for the cathedrals in droves to engage experientially with God there. 

With this in mind I post here modern icons. We shouldn't blush at the thought that as conservative evangelicals, we might want to encourage the use of icons in our churches, they can powerfully prompt us to pray and meditate on the otherness of God who comes near to us in scripture and by his Spirit and so I unashamedly advertise here Mick Rosen (Rosie to his friends) who creates Holy Spirit led paintings that he calls modern icons. 

Please hit on his website for ordering copies and bespoke pieces. 

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David Keen said...

thankyou for posting these, I have an original 'Rosie' from my time in Nottingham, always found Mike's stuff inspiring and beautiful.


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