MC510 - "Signs and Wonders" - Fuller Theological Seminary.

Some talk about a third wave and Peter Wagner wrote about this movement of the Holy Spirit in 1986 in his book 'Signs and Wonders Today.' 

Third wave charismatic theology encompasses some of the following characteristics: 

It takes very seriously Paul's mandate to us in the New Testament to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit. 

It believes that the Spiritual gifts are for today and are operating in the church. Christians can ask for them from a Father who will lavish them upon us. Christians are encouraged to learn how to use their spiritual gifts, to experiment and to take risks and to accept that they will make mistakes.  

Gifts are to be used both inside and outside the church to bless and heal. Healing can be spiritual and physical and can include casting out demons and prophesying. This means that Third wave theology articulates belief in the possibilities that at times Christians can be spiritually oppressed/ possessed/ demonised. Objects, places and agendas can project evil influence. 

Bishop Graham Dow has done much to reduce the hype around this controversial area, promoting deliverance ministry as part and parcel of Christ's mandate to his followers: they should engage and take victory in this area in Jesus' name. Bishop Graham Dow raises awareness about those things that can be conduits for dark forces:  traumatic events, in our lives or our ancestral past, unforgiveness, wrong attitudes, practices etc. Spiritual warfare is real and finds its locus in the letter to the Ephesians where Paul discusses the heavenly realms and encouraged the wearing of spiritual armour. 

John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner, taught the course MC510 - "Signs and Wonders" - at Fuller Theological Seminary where much of this theological approach was articulated and discussed and I am wondering if anyone has any notes that they could send me from this course for a piece of writing I am doing. It's a long shot but I thought a shout-out on the blog would be worth a shot. 

John Wimber said some of the following things that are still influencing Christian movements in the power of the Holy Spirit today:

“We are called to demystify the gifts of the Spirit and we are called to put the ministry of the Holy Spirit back into the hand of the church! The ministry of the Holy Spirit is for every man, woman and child in the body of Christ. All the gifts of the Spirit are for all of us! When everyone and anyone can heal the sick or cast out a demon or prophesy, then the danger of anyone becoming overly impressed with the ‘minister’ is diminished.” ("The Way In Is the Way On" by John Wimber)

“John and I understood that night,...that song and singing would always be attached to the presence and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.” (Carol Wimber in "The Way In Is the Way On" by John Wimber)

"....John would have everyone take a coffee break just as the emotional atmosphere was sky high. And then, cold turkey, with no music, no anything, he would ask the Holy Spirit to come to heal and deliver. Emotion has nothing to do with power.”(Carol Wimber in "The Way In Is the Way On" by John Wimber)

“Whenever I’m praying for the sick I keep my eyes open to look for a healing environment… I consciously look for faith in three places: First, I look for faith in myself and others who are praying for the sick; Second, I look for faith in the person being prayed for; and Third, I look for faith happening in those who are witnessing it taking place.” ("The Way In Is the Way On" by John Wimber)


Steve Satterfield said...

email me at swsatterfield@gmail.com and I'll see if I can find some MC510 material at home. I'm looking for it for something else. Thanks for the Wimber quotes.

Steve Satterfield said...

I'd love to spend time in this - 26 boxes of his stuff!



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