An ode to leadership

By Dr Suess

If I ran the zoo, I’d begin with the view,
That my organization includes you, and you.
All manner of folk, both women and men,
All shapes and sizes; all cultures and then…
I’d paint a big picture up there on the wall,
A picture so clear it would dazzle, enthrall,
All those wonderful folk with their heads full of notions
Who want to commit with their hearts and emotions.
If ran the zoo, I would see to it, too,
What’s important to me is important to you.
And just to be sure, I’d turn it around,
So things that you value, with me, would resound.
Then we’d roll up our sleeves and get down to work,
With genuine effort…no one would shirk.
With good conversations and tough ones as well,
There’d be no need to shout or to curse or to yell.
If I ran the zoo, there’d be elephants too,
But not in the room ‘cuz between me and you,
A room with an elephant’s crowded I think,
(And after a while, the room starts to stink).
And speaking of animals, there’d be “octopi”,
With tentacles reaching way up to the sky,
Crossing all kinds of boundaries, and silos and such,
To change for the better the World we all touch.
If I ran the zoo, I would hire people who,
Would focus on making our customers, too,
Feel glad that they know us and to want to come back
And we’d work to make sure there’d be nothing they’d lack
We’d be curious, too, us folks in this zoo,
We’d want to be knowing the why, what and who,
Of what happens around us, and how it takes place
Cuz, change is a creature we have to embrace.
So, that’s what I’d do, If I ran the zoo,
There’s more… but I’ll turn it over to you.
With blank sheet of paper and pen in the ink,
Tell me, how would you do it?
What do you think?

1 comment:

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

According to Julian Mann, you can forget about incumbancy and do more with women and children to bring the average age down. So you won't be running the zoo. Except it looks like he'll be staying in while others run a parallel zoo, and he will give the entryists access in to the bigger body. But if you became his bishop, he'd then have to run.


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