Just for my own memory's sake

I wrote this full of restless anxiety six months ago having accepted a curacy not knowing where we were going to live, there was no house at the time, not knowing what my husband (Hen) would do with his career and whether my children were going to be alright at one of the biggest primarys in the country.

Keep us in the boat, Lord, safely here with you.
Keep us in the boat, Lord, make us whole and new.
Hold us in this boat, Lord, my dearly loved and mine.
Hold us in your boat, Lord, me and mine are thine.

Hold them up and in Lord, secure them safe and still,
Take us far from shore Lord, if that should be your will.

Place them next to you, Lord, sit Hen in the bow,
Have him look you in the eye so he might face you now.
Cover him in love, Lord, let his anchor down,
Set us out to sail. Give my daughters each a crown.

Covered now in saltwater, the sun will dry us clean,
Gently dancing morning light on waves that rise and glean.

Delighting in their giggles, Lord, hold them in your heart.
Keep us closely binded, Lord, so we're not pulled apart.
Wrapping rounds of seaweed, secure us in your net.
We climbed aboard in faith, Lord, not sure we trust you yet.

Tell me it's okay, Lord, you've got us all held fast,
We're safe and sound here on the waves, your strength will guide the mast.
The oars are strong and steady, the sea is mastered too,
There's nothing now to fear Lord, if we are found in you.

Your favour rests so sweetly, your yoke a burden light,
Though we have fished the shores, Lord, from morning time 'til night.

I trust you'll tell me when, Lord, so l can let it go.
You'll bring it into fullness, Lord, your nets will surely grow.
It takes me my resolve, Lord, l want you still to know,
How I'm so very desperate to tell you how it's so.

They are my precious catch, Lord, that you call out so freed,
I want to set their sails Lord, but you're the wind they need.
So you just tell me when, Lord, l'll wait to hear your call,
And then with every inch of me, I'll seek to give you all.

...and God was gracious: we were given a house, my husband is happy and the girls are doing well at school. (Trusting God with curacy).

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