Husband's confession prompted by Rev

On the fifth of November 2011, I received flowers, courtesy of good old M and S- colours and flowers significant on my wedding day.

"Oh babe!" I said. "Wow - look - the colours..."
The girls looked impressed too by their father's obvious charm and forethought and we began to prepare for friends arriving for fireworks and tea.

There were a few gentle reminders from my husband as to his extravagant and poignant deed throughout the afternoon.

Fast-forward one week later and I return late from DCC (small version PCC) to one very attentive husband who says I have missed 'Rev'. He has watched it but could easily watch it again with me and hastily applies cables to the back of the TV so that it will play through his laptop - no effort spared. I even get a cuppa without asking and we sit down together (rare!).

At the point where Adam finally admits that he is certainly no hero and it has all been a dreadful mistake, my husband says there is something he must tell me: the flowers never came from him. He had forgotten to reveal this in the busyness of the week. He is sorry .... and concerned that I must have a secret admirer.

....silent treatment for a while
.....and then at least a little longer to leave him wondering from whom they might really have been sent. I had already worked it out - no secret admirer but his very own sister.

...so thanks Rev - better late than never, this week's addition certainly added to the colour in my household!!

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