Friday highlights - top 7

  1. Jonathan Iddon is pictured in the Church Times, Dom Jones is interviewed and I am sure that that is the head of Diane Cooksey (St John's) on the first page of the Petertide pull-out supplement. Take a look at the downloadable Petertide Pdf here if you are a subscriber. I finally got closure - they had said they would interview me - interesting for being involved in the Indaba process allegedly- but they didn't have room. Oh well - never mind. 
  2. Lesley Fellows is back from her honeymoon and sounding chipper. She reflects on life with a new husband and the God she finds 'beyond anything I can describe, but I seek ‘God’.. whatever ‘God’ is and ‘God’ transforms me and it is this that my life revolves around ...'
  3. The Biblioblogs Top 50 is reorganising itself and competition is fierce for places in the Top 50 with Gentle Wisdom charging forward and determined on recognition. 293 blogs have been organised and archived. It is proving to be a great resource. RevisingReform is at number 23 but Peter Kirk has really landed with 1730 views. 
  4. There is mixed reaction to the launch of AMiE. The three priests in the Kenyan ordinations would need permission from the A B of C to officiate here. It would seem that the GAFCON element are getting themselves organised in all sorts of ways and we can only watch to see how it unfolds. I am in the process of reading Charles Raven's 'Shadow Gospel' - I have never covered a book in so many notes and underlinings. I will blog on this soon. Is anybody else reading it?
  5. Nick Baines explains why Rebekkah Brookes is guilty on both counts.
  6. Jane Stranz writes reflectively asking whether we are pregnant with God or God pregnant with us?
  7. There is an interesting blogosphere discussion going on between David Ould, Ian Paul and Peter Carrell about women bishops - interesting to see these three thrashing things out together. Check out the comments

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Peter Kirk said...

To be fair, Rachel, I got off to such a good start largely by being one of the first few to insert the code, and by posting soon afterwards a popular post which is nothing to do with biblical studies. I suppose there might be ways to avoid counting hits on posts like that, but someone would have to decide which posts counted and do it in a fair way.


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