Biblioblogs and Boom boom shake the room

...lyrics have little to do with the post - "Walk the dinosaur" just popped into my head for no reason, other than perhaps it is a little related. This song mixes some quite profound lyrics with some downright  strangely simple ones:

Contrast this:
I met you in a cave you were painting Buffalo 
I said I'd be your slave follow wherever you go. 
That night we split a rattlesnake and danced beneath the stars  
You fell asleep I stayed awake and watched the passing cars.

with this:
I walked a dinosaur I walked a dinosaur! 
Open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur. 
Open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur. 
Open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur. 
Open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur.

The point I want to make about biblioblogs is that it is easy to feel as though your more straight-forward and everyday reflections count for little alongside blog-posts on Hebrew pointing, the nuances of the original Aramaic or the relationship between conquest pericopes and global politics... but this is just it, they do!

The Biblical Studies Carnival which collates the best posts from the biblioblogs on a monthly basis contains all sorts of wacky and non-bible related topics. 

But, on the other hand at biblioblogs you can also find there the latest news on discoveries whether they prove to be real or not, like the lead codices, and read the thoughts that will eventually become mashed into the latest books on biblical-related issues. If you want to see what sorts of things are coming through, join the twitter stream publicising the latest contributions here. 

If you are working your way through theological college, you have something to contribute every time you are working your way through an essay and you'll probably find lots of stimulating conversation to engage in about your topic. 

If you have interest in the bible and are just down-right puzzled by parts of it, this could be a resource for you. 

I have joined the author team over at Biblioblogs and hope to increase the number of British contributors. But the biggest call is to increase the number of women who blog on the Bible. If I can make the top 50, you can. I have only been blogging three years, the same number of years I have had puzzles about faith and the Bible to work through. I am not an academic theologian. 

You need to log your blog with Alexa which gives you exposure and tracks your hits. 

You need to let me know here that you are blogging. There will be a new feature at the top where I can store links to women's faith and bible blogs and then we can send recommendations over to Biblioblogs. 

Seminaries and theological colleges are chock-full of male lecturers, lovely as they are, bible-related scholarship is also under-represented on the female-front. We might begin by increasing women's contributions to this growing forum - please let me know what you think and where you are blogging. It's time to 'open up the floor' .... I'm saying nothing about dinosaurs.


Paula said...

Thanks again for listing my little bloggie. :-) I did the Alexa thing etc. but still get very few visitors (I guess you have to write something really interesting to get more!) so I won't be anywhere near the Top 50, but if I was able to help one person who found my site from a popular one like this, it's all worth it. Thanks again. :-D

Rach said...

Pleasure Paula - I know that I have found your blog invaluable when it has come to understanding some of the contemporary evangelical debates. You do great work. Thank you.

Adulcia said...

I'm really a newbie at blogging, having only been writing a few months. Any tips and advice would be welcomed. (I'd have a VERY long way to go to reach the top 50 of anything).

Beth said...

Hey my sister and I are two chicks trying to slog our way through understanding the New Testament one chapter at a time. We would love to get a conversation going about what we've written.

Our site is http://www.biblethumping.blogspot.com

Hope someone will come check it out.

Shawna R. B. Atteberry said...

Rachel I found you through J. K. Gayle, and I would like to be added to the blogger roll. I'm at http://www.ShawnaAtteberry.com. Thanks for doing this.


Rach said...

I will add you here on female bloggers - thanks


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