The prodigal - an animation

I am nearly at the end of coming to a conclusion about whether the 'I' in Romans 7 is the regenerate or unregenerate. I need to work out my motivations. There is much in me that hopes that I will find that this idea of being imprisoned to sin, just does not bear out that life in the Spirit which we know from Romans 8. I also have to admit my predisposition to want to disagree with a kind of Lutheran, Calvin, reformed theology because this whole depravity thing does not sit happily with my experience of life. I am also aware that my views about the reformed position are probably less nuanced than they should be. I agree fundamentally with much reformed theology. I am, however, finding Witherington more persuasive than Packer. Perhaps the prodigal son story illustrates afterall that is is all a lot more nuanced again than a simple case of before and after Christ.

Oh well, back to the books, where the waffle has to be more carefully organised and supported with reading.


Robert said...

I wonder whether Paul really saw salvation through the same Reformation-tinted spectacles as you do?

Anita said...

Hi Rach,
One of the blogs you've kindly attributed to me is actually Cloud of Witnesses (Eli, pick a side). The other is my own.
New look blog--very nice!! I find black on white so much easier to read.

Lynne said...

I remember really struggling with this one in college. Not sure what I concluded then, I think my essay was trying to hedge my bets, but now I think I've finally made up my mind. I, too, find Witherington very convincing, I feel that the traditional Reformed view paints too bleak a picture of the Christian life. My current thinking is that the 'I' of Romans 7 represents unregenerate man OR (also) the Christian who is not walking in step with the Spirit, and therefore seeking to obey out of their own human strength instead of the glorious liberty of the Spirit. To me that then segues quite nicely into Romans 8.Or, to think Witheringtonishly (now there's a word!) the I is in Adam, and not walking in what we have been given in Christ.
Am I still hedging my bets?

Rach said...

Thanks Lynne - these are very similar conclusions to the ones I have come to and I feel rather enlightened and invigorated as a result. I shall join in with Graham Kendrick in the car with a whole new approach to this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Oops thanks Anita - I trace why I did that - dreaming beneath the spires and looking up to see those clouds - hence you also became the blogger over there too. I have corrected the link.

Robert - that's exactly it Robert, I no longer see through those Reformation spectacles, they hang instead on a string around my neck so that I now become more conscious of when they are being put on, the world looks very different without them, but not fuzzy as my reformed friends might have me believe. Quite the contrary.


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