Knit your own Rowan and tie the knot

I am not going to make any comment about the Royal Wedding. It is probably not wise ;-) However, I could not help but delight in the knitted version of Rowan Williams as I sit down with my cuppa Yorkshire to read The Body's Grace - here his 'Grace's body' is made out of wool and very nice he looks too.

On a more serious note, what I will say is that a brother-in-law of mine, who also happens to be a Wedding photographer has said that business is certainly up this year on last, with happy couples wanting to coincide their wedding year with that of the handsome blue-blooded couple. If that's the case, then this attention to weddings has to be good for the Church of England...and that must be good news for Jesus, whom all these extra people will get to hear about.

The good old Church of England has really been getting its act together in recent years and Revising Reform is most impressed by its website.

Did you know you can buy the Royal couple a wedding present here.

...and if you just so happen to be getting married this year, the Church of England supports you from beginning to end - here they will even help you to organise the run-up to your big day.

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