The Anglican Covenant

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I am about to start researching an essay on the Anglican Covenant. I need to critically examine it and analyse how it has been constructed in relation to emerging problems in the communion.

I hope to understand the Covenant in terms of the reasons for supporting it and what might motivate the ambivalence that many are feeling towards it.

As is often the case, I am more interested in developing my understanding, academic awards are nice but I often end up writing beyond the scope of the question so that I can blog the aspects of an issue I am really interested in. If you have any points of view to contribute, I would like to hear them. I am wondering where my support will lie and what I will discover about my own Anglican identity as a result of looking into this. I know it has been causing a lot of debate around the blogosphere but my head has been elsewhere as I have been researching the decline in women across Evangelical Christianity and the legitimacy of a ministry to single gender group: women in an 'effeminised' church. 

But as with university education, you only get a few weeks with a particular topic, so it is time to move on to considering the Covenant. 


Peter Carrell said...

Hi Rachel
I would encourage you to ask why Anglicans happy to have canons and a constitution in their own member church suddenly find the idea of the Covenant in the Anglican Communion so threatening?

Also to ask whether arguments against the Covenant have actual evidence backing them up.

Here is one example: the argument that the Covenant will require a more centralised bureaucracy for the Communion rests on what evidence? Many Anglican churches (such as my own) have the usual panopoly of rules and regulations and a quite minimal centralised bureaucracy.

Bosco Peters said...






Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Bosco - I'll start reading.


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