Ministry and Motherhood conference

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Described this way:

A day conference with Revd Dr Emma Percy exploring the theological, missional, ministerial and practical implications of this relatively un–visited topic. Emma’s writing and research explores the interface of mothering and ministry and how that dialogue can inform and enrich our self-understanding and ministerial practice.

This conference is not just for women clergy/ministers with children but for anyone – male and female, married and single – who wants to think about the impact of this theme in the Church and wider society.

This came to my attention through the "Clergy mummies" facebook page. This group has attracted 113 members now and has grown very quickly over just a few weeks. There are a great many of us in ministry within the Church of England who have small children. Some of us have husbands who have taken on the main carer roles in terms of school runs and housework. I wonder if over the coming years, we will see more support/social/faith groups for men whose wives are church leaders.

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