Do you know what I mean when I speak? Deconstruction and confusion.

That slippery thing that is language. For Derrida language games that work in the French do not work in the English. Sometimes his own methods call into question that slippery thing that is language, it all folds in on itself, which is perhaps what he is alerting us to in the first place.

Indaba is all about listening and talking. It means 'a gathering for purposeful discussion.' I will go to New York in May for Continuing conversation Indaba. You can find out about it here.

Pilot Conversations will involve typically a mix of eight lay and ordained participants from three dioceses all visiting the other dioceses to learn first-hand the challenges and opportunities of those contexts. They will also engage in facilitated conversations on a whole range of topics that have the potential to cause disunity in the body of Christ.
The ultimate aim of these visits is to enrich local and global mission in all three participating dioceses.
The four Pilot Conversations so far agreed are taking place between the dioceses of:
  • Hong Kong, Jamaica and Toronto;
  • Delhi, Mumbai, New York and Derby;
  • Western Tanganyika, Gloucester and El Camino Real; and
  • Peru, Mexico and Southeast Florida.

I will join the Derby cohort and I am hoping I can blog what happens, although I will ask permission first.

The Anglican communion is unsettled and many of the blogged responses to the Primates Meeting leave me feeling a little disheartened about those who chose to stay away. I guess, as much as anyone, I am complicit in this talking past each other, polarising and failing to use language responsibly at times. I hope to contribute, a little, to Indaba but to learn a lot. We have to at least attempt to understand each other, if we do not there can be dangerous consequences.

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