I am writing a course. It is preliminary to the one for mothers that is featured over at Mums The Word.

This is a course written for women coming to faith or for those who are curious about what Jesus might come to mean for them. It is for sceptics, it is for post-modern, independent women. It is for those who come with all sorts of presuppositions as to what the Bible might be like. It is for those who consider themselves spiritual and open but have only ever thought of the bible as a patriarchal memorial to by-gone days. It is for those wondering or willing to be open to the idea that the Bible can actually be very good news for women. It will take women through encounters with Jesus in the gospel of John.

It will focus on what the writer of John's gospel has done with space. After exploring the significance of the space there: liminal, gendered, crossing boundaries, we will explore together space we have in our own lives for faith, for formation.

It will look at intimacy and relationship and have us ask questions about our own relationships and even how we feel about ourselves.

It will look at identity: Jesus', the women's he encounters, his encountering us and how we are transformed, left changed, left bewildered, even.

There will be a website to support the course, so it can grow and change and adapt as it is rolled out.

Any suggestions welcomed.

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