Still working my way through the Barth, Brunner debate but finding such jewels

It is not the right human thoughts about God which form the content of the Bible, but the right divine thoughts about men. The Bible tells us not how we should talk with God but what he says to us; not how we find the way to him, but how he has sought and found the way to us; not the right relation in which we must place ourselves to him, but the covenant which he has made with all who are Abraham’s spiritual children and which he has sealed once and for all in Jesus Christ. It is this, which is within the Bible. The world of God is within the Bible.

Karl Barth. 


David Ould said...

eeeek, stepping very close to the edge now, Rachel ;-)

This is, of course, a classic example of Barth's neo-orthodox "the Scriptures are not the word of God but they contain the word of God" that gets mainline evangelicals in such a tiz!

Have you read the recently-published "Engaging with Barth"? If you have the time that's definitely worth mining on this issue for a conservative response.

Rach said...

Our principal prays 'through the written word might we encounter the Living Word by the power of the Spirit' - the faculty are quite a Barthian engaged body of people at St John's, Nottingham.

Michael Leyden... said...

I'm glad to see this is proving to be exciting Rach...there are some jewels in Barth, there are even some in Brunner! Do you think you will be converted to KB or is it too early to telll? See you Monday. M

Rach said...

...converted to Barth - yep, has already happened...now just got to decide on his case with Brunner...emmm...not so straightforward.


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