A little light

Blue cabin afforded time near the roar of the ocean, doesn't half get things in perspective. Blue cabin was also a thin space. Wow! I guess in part it was to do with the rawness of the place, howling winds, pebbles crunching under foot, walking, eating, sleeping, talking, praying...living from the point of basic need, living in the present moment, only planning the next meal and that happening more spontaneously than not, in response to growling stomachs, whatever the time of day. We spent time with God and one another and God met with us, generously through his Spirit, manifestly through his Spirit so that our time became God-time, when you realise you have been praying for hours but it only feels like five minutes, I love that...

I  screamed at the ocean - "thank you Jesus!" and I am aware that this all sounds rather dramatic but it's got to be healthy, you know, to shout into something that is so much louder and more powerful than you are and become aware of the majesty of it all and your own tininess, which even though I am, (literally 5ft2), I often forget, as the concerns I have take on gargantuan proportions or the list of things I think I have to be busy with becomes mountainous!

...so 'thin(k) spaces' in blue cabins might punctuate my life, for at least I am able to forget for a while and just 'be', or at least that might be 'remembering and being' rather than forgetting.

My friend has an expression when I speak this way...'meanwhile back on planet earth...' she says, with a big smile on her face and meanwhile ... back on planet earth, sermons will be prepared and essays researched and Fulcrum and Reform have interesting things to say on the latest General Synod elections and my family are travelling off for a two day break, without me this time, so I can consider all these things and so this time, retreating takes on a different flavour, technology on rather than off, central heating replacing raw winds and layers of clothing, eating to punctuate the studying rather than being an event in itself... oh well, perhaps I can find a thin space here too, you never know...

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