The infiltration of the spammers

An email spam targeted me with a direct mail message. It looks like my mailing list has been stolen and they have searched the Web for addresses associated with me. They have grabbed lists of addresses and are using my mailing lists as a direct target for their attacks.

Oh sugar, this is something of a bother. It highlights for me a character trait of which I have long been aware and I am working upon it - I can be a little naive.

Quite frankly in the world I inhabit, people can be risen from the dead, healed and all other sorts of things, amazing and supernatural are possible. I am rather open-minded. I assume the best of people and situations and that most people are operating for my good. So when I am invited to consider the photographs of a friend whom I can only imagine must have had another baby or done something equally remarkable to be wanting to share that same event with all acquaintances, I assume this is the case and venture into the recommended photo-sharing domain, filling in my email address and password - big mistake!

Please can you let me know if you have received unexpected mail from me. I am in the process of creating a new email account and I will let you know what that is in due course. I just hope no one is sending strange blog comments all over the world, pretending to be me. I think all will be well, being ever the optimist but if you receive mail that seems somewhat out-of-character, it probably is - it is not from me.

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