Stitches in time taste good

I have this bunch of random thoughts that I can not quite organise into anything coherent. I see the cross like an amazing break or stitch in time. It runs horizontally and vertically. It replaced normal time with something supernatural. Underneath this gap/stitch/hole in reality there is this kind of warp, where Jesus dealt with sin and death which is held in place by his death and resurrection. Where there is this warp in time at the cross, there is this intersection of the new creation, the new reality, with this one and when we go humbly to the cross, we see it and it spills out and over from the cross and breaks into the reality we know in bursts of the Kingdom. It is all quite beautiful and uncontainable. We can all go deeper into that place, the warp, the new creation in prayer and in our lives and in our dreams when God speaks to us without the interruption of other brain activity or the busyness of daily life. I keep going to that place, it's a beautiful place.

I wish I could draw what I can see but I can not.

My dreams are full of prayer and cosmic battles at the moment. Last night I was leading the Jehovah Witness whom I met yesterday, to God. I was explaining the work of the Holy Spirit and drawing all these pictures on the walls of my house for him, to make it clearer, and I could recreate Ellie Mumford's preach for him from New Wine and her move from fear to submission, to never seeking prayer ministry to being suddenly healed through it. I quite look forward to going to sleep these days for the dreams that I will have. I wake up so thrilled about God and so grateful for his presence in my life.

Yesterday, I walked around the parish where I will be a curate. The kids love it there. There is this amazing old-fashioned sweet shop and the idea of a sweet shop with all these goodies on offer has always been a picture I have had of God in his benevolence. The penny sweets there really are - a penny. The parish area is also a place of spiritual struggle, you can tell by the Chinese therapy shops and the shops selling pagan and Hindu icons. It's all kind of mixed up and searching! I have a good feeling about it. Just over a year ago, I sat in one of its coffee shops and almost had to touch my shirt, I was so sure I was already sitting there with my dog-collar on (I might not even wear one in reality, not sure) but the image was symbolic so I know that even though at times, it all causes me to pause with anxiety and it all seemed to happen so fast without me hardly having time to think, perhaps if I look back to my time with the DDO before Bap, this is just something I should get used to - the speed of everything, living in the stitch, the warp, the gap, time is not mine to control.

It's been a summer of such new beginnings and more authenticity, it's also been jolly hard work and it seems that as students, we all now stand on the cusp of the completion of one part of the journey, as we all get together to see each other's churches and future houses on google earth and speculate about the plans that God is going to involve us in over such a scattered geography. Yummy!


Lucy said...

I'm meeting with Jehovah's Witnesses regularly at the moment. I'm encouraged by the fact they ask me questions about what I believe...yesterday I was explaining the Trinity (!!)

Rachel Marszalek said...

This seems to be the big dividing factor. God be with you Lucy, keep me informed about what you discover are ways into dialoguing, I am really interested in this.

Curate Karen said...

I love your way of describing things. :)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Karen.
I am enjoying keeping up with your journey too.
Lots of love


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