Drinking with potential parishioners

Last night my husband and I went to a few pubs in the area where I am pursuing a curacy. It felt good, (we think). We were more aware of our surroundings and even our conversations as we sat with a mind on the idea that these places could become our locals, even places for outreach and get-togethers. We stopped to read noticeboards and chatted with people behind the bars about the area. Discerning God's will can be a lot of fun!

It was a bright and sunny evening and we tried to imagine the place in the rain too. We stopped to gaze in at the town's nightclub and my husband just about prevented me from talking to the local police as they walked by. I wanted to ask them a few things, but perhaps another time. I can get a bit carried away.

We have a few questions now about schooling for the children and where we are going to live but little by little the pieces seem to be falling into place. I have learnt however that everything can change when you think you have all things settled. I never would have thought that this summer we would be selling our house and moving to student accommodation, for example, so I am learning never to plan too far in advance, which is really rather funny for the girl who always used to have a ten year plan!

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