How should we conceive of God’s providential relationship to the world? Critically survey the current spectrum of theological opinions and then try to reach your own conclusion. 

I feel a bit nervous about tackling this. I am reading around the net to begin with and feelings are running high in response to open theism, which is, I think, what this question is asking me to tackle fundamentally. Conservative and reformed theologians have not worried about charging open theists with heresy.  I think that I am going to have to be careful not to get caught up in the polarising that occurs. I hope to discover the subtleties, the shades of grey. When I wrote on Penal Substitutionary Atonement last year, I think I failed to grasp the subtelties because I had rather overdosed on the reformed position.

Oh dear, controversies abound, as usual. I need to balance my reading.

So far I am looking at
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Michael J. Murray, Michael C. Rea.
This will give me four views on Divine Providence in a chapter on the attributes of God

JB Cobb (ed) & CH Pinnock (ed), Searching for an adequate God : a dialogue between process and free will theists.
BA Ware, God's Lesser Glory 

GA Boyd Is God to blame?
GA Boyd, God at War

CH Pinnock, Most Moved Mover

Hall & Sanders, Does God have a Future
Pinnock & Rice, The Openness of God

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