Female Bible teachers

This is our new lecturer Meda Stamper. She prays to 'Beloved God' before she teaches and takes us through the gospels and Acts, Spirit-filled and full of enthusiasm and insight. She encourages us to engage, be open, question and be creative. She does not suffer fools gladly and is bringing those of us who can sometimes table-dialogue when we shouldn't be, to task. I like her style. She moves quickly from one place in the Bible to the next and we are expected to keep up. It's exciting. She will then pause to go into dramatic monologue, acting out the Magnificat or the beginning of the gospel of Mark and it is just thrilling. She positively shines for Jesus!

St John's has also just appointed a female Old Testament lecturer to teach the Penteteuch.

It is all good! I have already sat both these modules but because of Bap did not complete the assignments. I now get to sit at the feet of these women, second-time around. First-time around they were taught by men. Men and women are equally called to teach, of course and the lecturers before were great too but for women like me, who seem to have few role models and feel so called to teach, this all feels so refreshing.

It is amazing to me, as I am sure it is to God, that Meda Stamper, who also happens to be American, would be denied a teaching post in some American seminaries because of her gender. When I first became interested in the Christian gender wars I followed this story of the sacking of an American female theologian.

We have to continue voicing intelligent, evangelical, apologetics for the teaching ministries of women. The Kingdom will advance because of it. At some point in the future, their oppression will become something we just look back at and gasp.


Rosemary said...

How can you serve your husband if you insist on equality? How can you serve your church if you insist equality?

Anonymous said...

I do wonder that within the awesomeness that is God that we anyone would think that we have to (as women) live in an either/or situation.
I am delighted by my femininity, that enables me to have a rich full life in Christ. Enjoying a complete biblical relationship with my husband and yet not denying my intellect that enables with the enpowering of the Holy Spirit to bring others to/and encourage others with my learning.
I am not and do not want to be a man I simply want to be ALL the woman that God has made me.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Yes, I am really happy I am a woman too. If I had been born a man, I am sure I would be happy about that too.

rachel said...

Absolutely anon - and if ALL the woman God has called you to be includes preaching and teaching his Holy Word, then it is wrong to frustrate that.

Thank you for your contribution.

Charlie said...

Thanks a very nice review and writin,Thank you very much :)

Charlie said...

My wife would love it and Thank you very much for this useful info!


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