Emmm....Open theism?

How should we conceive of God's providential relationship to the world? Critically survey the current spectrum of theological opinions and then try to reach your own conclusion.

Okay - Molinism, Theological determinism/Classical Theism, open Theism and Process Theism - need to get my brain cells to stretch themselves around this lot.

Open theism is perhaps a position somewhere between Classical and Process Theism. Anachronistic though it is, I am figuring this is like a position between Arminianism and Calvinism, so I guess I am back in the old debates again, although this time I am even further back, trying perhaps to fathom how Enlightenment thinking might have led to this relatively new but perhaps old position - that of the Open Theist.

I could be a bit confused with the above but that will just go to prove I am right at the beginning of this research. I have recently dared to link to the Open Theism site in my blogroll, so that's my first port of call. So I'll spill out thoughts here as I go, as I usually do, as I seek to discover where I might position myself on the spectrum and find out more about this knowable/unknowable God who has led me to consider these things in the first place - ah but was that foreknown or not? Emmmm.....

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