I hope to bring out some reflections and teaching points for this 'parable' (debate as to whether it can be identified as a parable or not)

How does this 'parable' speak to us today? 

Moreover how might it resonate with us if it is read as one meditation within a few that address the theme 'Jesus and the justice of God's Kingdom'.

In what way is its resonance heightened by it being read as we approach advent?

How can its message from Jesus who challenges us here regarding the kind of practices that compromise just living, be proclaimed in a contemporary way?

My reflection will be delivered as part of a five week advent programme.  I will submit 300 words.

I think I want to say something about all the opportunities God gives us to reach out to others by his first having reached out to us through the prophets, his Word, his Son and even the very gifts he has given us, material and spiritual so that we might impact the lives of the people around us and be used as his instrument. 

What does this passage mean to you? 

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