...the mad, the bad and the, dare I say it, mundane

We have been learning about the Canons of the Anglican Church in our Anglicanism module. Some of them encapsulate beautifully the mad, bad and downright mundane aspects of Christian ministry. They are necessary, I know, but I quickly chased away visions of having a pocket-sized version sewn within the linings of my vestments, suspecting such musings were anticipating imaginary trouble from a potential mind-set of deep paranoi, surely to be avoided at all costs! Surely, it is more in the spirit of optimism to have them available somewhere, lurking in a draw you can't quite identify.

However, perhaps I am naive. It is very sad to read about Madpriest, curate blogger, who has been treading some murky waters in parish due to his negotiations over hymn selection and this did rather cause to me reflect upon this canon and all the potential dangers of not having one's canons to hand!

B 20 Of the musicians and music of the Church
2. Where there is an organist, choirmaster or director of music the minister shall pay due heed to his advice and assistance in the choosing of chants, hymns, anthems, and other settings, and in the ordering of the music of the church; but at all times the final responsibility and decision in these matters rests with the minister.

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